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What is a doula?

"Doula" (pronounced Doo-la) derives from the Greek word for "woman servant"
Today, "doula" possesses a gentler connotation: she who mothers the mother.

We, the San Francisco Night Doulas represent The Postpartum Doula.

Postpartum Doulas (Nighttime)

We provide non-judgmental nurturing, as well as physical and emotional assistance during the night for 6 to 12 weeks after delivery. Postpartum Doulas are trained and experienced in assisting with proper breastfeeding techniques, umbilical cord care, and giving your baby a bath. The doulas can answer other newborn care questions with evidence-based information. We can offer information on breast pump use, breast pump care and breast milk storage. We will bottle feed your baby during the night. In addition, we can provide information on all bottle types available to you, and share with you the necessary resources to obtain them.

The postpartum doula is also available for the partners and other family members who can benefit from the gentle instructions and guidance given by a doula. Studies show that families who receive the nurturing care, and the emotional and physical support of a doula have greater breastfeeding success, lower rates of postpartum depression, increased feelings of confidence and report a better experience bonding with their newborn.

Birth doula

A birth doula is a professionally trained woman experienced in childbirth.
She provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and partner before, during and just after the birth.

For more information on birth doulas and their services please go to our Links page and visit the San Francisco Doula Group. Here you will also find resources for daytime postpartum doulas.

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